Why IQOS e-cigarette is gaining popularity?

IQOS Philip Morris owns and distributes the IQOS e-cigarette. An electronic cigarette does not include tobacco, but IQOS does. However, the tobacco in IQOS is heated rather than burned before use. Instead of smoke, a nicotine-laced vapour is exhaled, which none of the lingering odours has associated with tobacco smoke. HEETS are the tobacco sticks used with IQOS and come in a range of flavours, including numerous menthol variations. A more realistic smoking experience may be achieved via the use of genuine tobacco. This practise is quite similar to smoking cigarettes in terms of ritual: once or twice, you cease using the tobacco stick. It’ll take you about the same amount of time as a standard cigarette to complete one drag. That’s why so many people are making the switch to heated tobacco as a healthier alternative.Buy IQOS Iluma Azure Blue Device in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & Ajman.

How does the IQOS system work?

When it comes to heating tobacco, the premise is quite self-explanatory. Tobacco sticks, referred to as HEETS, are heated in the IQOS device and then released as an aerosol or mist containing nicotine. As a result of this, nicotine and aroma components are released, but there are no combustion products. Carcinogens are the most harmful components of cigarette smoke, which are produced by the burning of tobacco. Comparing HEETS aerosol to tobacco smoke, 95% fewer harmful compounds are present in the latter. It is crucial to note that ordinary cigarettes may burn up to 600 degrees Celsius, which releases a wide range of carcinogens. When combined with HEETS, the IQOS can attain temperatures of up to 350 °C without producing any ash or smoke. Tobacco can be heated instead of burned, so it’s a better alternative overall. Tobacco heating is not without its dangers. Adult smokers will find heated tobacco and electronic cigarettes to be a superior choice, but nonsmokers should avoid them.

What distinguishes the IQOS from the rest of the pack?

Many smoking alternatives are distinct from typical cigarettes due to the lack of combustion. This kind of vaping uses heated liquid to produce vapour, which may or may not include nicotine. Tobacco contains nicotine, a naturally occurring chemical. Liquid cigarettes refer to e-cigarettes that employ liquid nicotine as their nicotine source. There are a wide range of nicotine delivery systems on the market today. IQOS is the only product available in the Netherlands that may be used to warm tobacco.


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