Light Therapy and the Baby Quasar – Is it the Best Skin Care Equipment For You?

Today I want to discuss personal skin care equipment. In specific, I want to talk about acne, psoriasis, and light therapy. When I began research, I came across light therapy machines that looked like they were from another planet. Many looked like alien equipment from Mars. But after attending a skin care conference in San Diego, I began to understand the value of light therapy and owning my own skin care equipment bipap machine.While at the conference, I came across a light therapy product that is truly amazing. The Baby Quasar (a light wand designed by Quasar Biotech) uses photo rejuvenation, a process where light destroys the bacteria lurking inside our pores, the same bacteria that causes acne break-outs. This deep-cleaning photo rejuvenation evens skin tone and reduces age spots. And as someone with naturally oily skin, this is an amazing breakthrough.

After flying cross-country alongside a pair of screaming twins, I went straight to the AM session of the skin care conference at the Westin. My face (prone to acne) was so oily from the flight that the airplane bathroom could do nothing for it. So I walked into the conference feeling self-conscious about my face and sat down next to a young woman from Sedona, Arizona. After talking during a break, I recounted my horror story about the airplane and asked if she knew why faces became oily on cross-country flights. She grinned and, although she didn’t know why we became oily after flights, she told me that she used to have terrible acne while growing up. Nothing worked for her. Not the prescriptions or the creams or the pills. Then she discovered light therapy. She pulled a Baby Quasar wand from her purse and showed it to me. It was tiny and looked gimmicky. Of course I was skeptical.

But that night after dinner, she encouraged me to try it out before I went to sleep. The next morning I found all the bacteria-laden oils on my face had surfaced along with most of the deep-rooted blackheads. It was crazy how it seemed to go inside my skin and lift out the bad stuff. That morning, after a thorough facial cleansing, I was amazed at how smooth my face felt. The oiliness was gone. I returned the light therapy wand to her and thanked her like a cured invalid. And when I got back home I bought my own Baby Quasar and now use light therapy twice a week in conjunction with my favorite creams. My acne flare-ups are almost non-existent and the oiliness is manageable. So if your face is oily and you are looking for ways to stop acne and keep your face fresh, definitely give light therapy a go. Your face will thank you for it!


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