Did You Know? A Brief Glimpse at Global Changes Worldwide


Did you know fish and birds are passing on everywhere? Did you had at least some idea that the honey bee, microscopic fish and bat populaces are in decline? Did you had any idea about that coral reefs are vanishing? Did you had any idea about that twisters have been spotted, without precedent for history, turning the incorrect way? Did you see the climate in your neighborhood might have changed? Did you see the peculiar contrail like markings in the skies? Did you had any idea about that there are places in Mexico where the ground temperature is warming up more than 200 degrees? Did you had any idea about that our seas are warming up by 2 degrees? Did you had any idea about that the ice covers are softening and polar bears are suffocating? Did you had any idea about that during a multi day time span toward the beginning of June there were 772 seismic tremors recorded on the California – Nevada line close to Mammoth Lake? (Gordon Michele Scallion and others are foreseeing a volcanic ejection there this mid year.) Did you realize that due North is presently not due North and air terminals are changing their runway markings so planes can land securely? Did you had any idea about that on May 31st, the fly stream (a very quick wind current that courses through the upper climate) contacted ground without precedent for written history? Did you had any idea about that all over North America, transitory birds have quit getting back to their settling grounds? Furthermore, How to join illuminati that salmon are done getting back to their generating grounds? Also, native clans all through the world have quit having kids? Did you had at least some idea that we are amidst finished post inversion? Did you had at least some idea that planet X/Niburu is quick drawing nearer? Did you had at least some idea that the economy is in a tough situation? Did you know the cost of corn and oil are going up? Did you know a food emergency might linger? Did you realize sunlight based flares can cause blackouts and even radiation harming? Did you be aware?


Well in the event that you didn’t have the foggiest idea, you really do know now. I’m not a Scientist, but rather I am a preservationist with an interest and love for the complexities of the world’s inward and external operations, and I can let you know that there sure are a ton of natural changes occurring on our planet. The inquiry is the thing is causing these changes? Could it be said that they are normal or artificial? If one has any desire to play analyst they can find reams of clarifications on the web basically by Google-ing it! The clarifications differ yet here are a portion of the top outcomes. Numerous God dreading individuals accept that we are encountering the final days. That the Book of Revelations is playing out like an everyday film in our lives. Others fault the public authority expressing they are controlling the climate and deliberately making “highly sensitive situations” with the goal that the Illuminati can assume control over the world and diminish our ongoing populace by 90%. Different surges of believed are that Aliens are at fault, and that they are utilizing their trend setting innovations to unleash devastation in the world. Numerous Scientists accept it is only a characteristic piece of the world’s cycle and that these progressions have happened before in history and are simply rehashing these cyclic occasions. Then, at that point, there is the Hopi Indians who accept that there is an incredible “cleaning” happening while others accept the Mayan forecasts are happening. The New Age development accepts that human awareness is ascending to another level and after the earth goes through its progressions a more unadulterated and cherishing earth will be conceived.


I don’t know who has the right solution to the ongoing scene’s concerns, however I really do know one thing without a doubt. This is one rivalry that being correct truly has no champ. On the off chance that we are setting out toward elimination I am thinking does it matter what the reason is? I truly do accept however that it is smarter to be protected than sorry. Assuming you knew the greatest tempest of the century planned to hit your city how might you respond? You presumably could race to the supermarket (you and 1000 others) to load up on provisions right? All around founded on all that you have understood above, how about an incredible tempest be approaching, whether it be monetary, natural or through warefare? Assuming you were ever a Boy Scout, Brownie or Girl Guide, you ought to in any case have that internal bump that says, “Be Prepared!” Being ready for any catastrophe is being dependable. It isn’t being a doomsayer. In the case of nothing awful occurs, cheer in the many supplies you won’t need to purchase and set up a major celebratory party.

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