Can’t Afford A Website? Google Probably Has One Ready For You

An online presence is no longer a “nice to have”. Instead it is a necessity and a marketing staple of any business. The trouble is for many small business owners, the web can be a confusing, scary and even costly task. Especially for Buy Google Reviews businesses that were successful before the internet. For many of those the question is asked “Why fix what isn’t broken”.

Typically most people would start with a business website and then direct traffic to that site from social media, search engines, news sites etc.. But the ever-evolving web has made it so that you can now build a substantial web-presence without ever having a website. An actual website is no longer a necessity. This s is because Google probably has a page ready for you to claim. It won’t cost you a dime and can be set up in mere minutes.

Google wants to keep people in their universe

In the past Google’s mantra has been all about getting users away from Google search and onto the most relevant site to their search s as quickly as possible. More recently however this idea has been turned on its head. Google has been promoting its own content to keep us in the “Google universe”.

This approach has led to a large number of search results (especially locally based ones), being simple answers in the search results (through the “answer box”). Answers might include the opening times of a restaurant or their contact information, things that you don’t need to visit an external page for. On mobile, where people are looking for quick answers, you can see the appeal of this approach.

You might have also started seeing search results providing more rich information including pictures, business information & reviews of that business. Search “Seafood Westport Ct” for example. First you see all the results lined up at the top of the page. Click on one and all the relevant information is in the right hand box. The chosen restaurant website is moved up to first in the results, but you probably don’t need to click there

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